By Resident Charity Expert Cliff Lemmings

The current situation in the UK has brought out the best from most of the citizens all over the UK, with people helping their fellow man by treating them in hospital, kindly instructing them to head indoors when on non-essential errands, and showing them where the milk is in supermarkets. One person who doesn’t fit any of those examples, but has displayed just as much resourcefulness, is 56 year old disgraced builder Tom Worms. He’s been in the building trade for over 25 years, and was finishing off making an extension to his house when the lock down began. He never had the chance to order the five skips he needs to get rid of all the debris piled up in his back garden. With his van currently locked in a mechanics because it failed its MOT, and his bank account frozen because of some laundering activity, Mr Worms has had to rethink the rubbish removal. He found inspiration when he saw a news article recently showing someone delivering food to those unable to go out, and came up with his own idea to help people in a very similar way. I interviewed Mr Worms in his car as we make doorstep deliveries around his home town of Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, to find out why he feels his help has not always been welcome.

TDJJ: “Sorry, Mr Worms, can you go a bit slower? I feel these bags are going to tip over onto me, these are new trousers.”

TW: “I know it’s not ideal but there’s tons of this crap to get rid of. I need to go this fast so I can break the back of this job this week.”

TDJJ: “When you started dumping bags of your rubble on people’s doorsteps, did you anticipate this much hostility and ungratefulness?”

TW: “It took me by surprise to be honest. It’s free stuff! Surely because of the current circumstances you can’t just pick and choose what you get in life.”

TDJJ: “But people have pointed out that it’s just general rubbish and rubble in the bags.”

TW: “Yeah, they’ll have to sift through it sometimes to find the good stuff. Think of it like prospecting for gold. I can’t be certain about every bag having good stuff in there, but if there is, they should count themselves lucky.”

TDJJ: “So what do you tell people now after reports got out that you were going to throw all this stuff out anyway? People think you’re just dumping this stuff onto them because it’s easier.”

TW: “Well, a few things there. Firstly, there’s a saying that says one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Someone will always find use in something that others won’t. Law of averages. Again, beggars can’t be choosers. Secondly, It’s not easy at all to do this. I reckon I’ve got hundreds of shopping bags to sort out, load into my car carefully, many times, then drive round to place into people’s driveways. I defy anyone out there to find this easy. These people don’t know what they’re talking about.”

TDJJ: “How much truth is there in the stories of you blocking driveways and cars with large blocks of hardened concrete and heavy bags?”

TW: “This really irritates me. Yes, sometimes I have large blocks of stuff that can’t fit into shopping bags, or would be too heavy for them. So naturally I’ve just left them as they are. Plus, if you think about it, me blocking their cars is my favour to society. People shouldn’t be using their cars anyway for non-essential travel, that’s the rules as fas as I know. I’m helping to enforce that. What do people want? I’m going above and beyond unlike them. For all those doctors and nurses out here who I’ve apparently inconvenienced, there’s still buses you know? Just climb over.”

TDJJ: So, are you not concerned with the many complaints that have been sent to the government, regarding your many breaches in the laws and guidelines?”

TW: “The world’s gone mad. I am an honest worker helping others less fortunate than me. Sure, the stuff I’m giving to people is of no use to me. But isn’t that why people give to charity? I can’t personally think of a use for broken traffic lights or slightly crushed car engines, but I’m sure there are those out there who can.

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