By Resident Takeaway Expert Ronald Shake

The employees at Pizza Resistance in Garsington, Oxfordshire remained open throughout the lock down in the UK for deliveries only. It was only when one of the staff members started coughing a bit a few days ago when they made the decision yesterday that everyone should self-isolate as a result. But with one caveat: everyone will work from home and cook the food in their own kitchen. The owner of the business initially got a lot of overwhelming objection from his staff with valid questions and concerns. He didn’t shift from this decision though, insisting that there’s even more demand for their services during these times, and it would be foolish to suggest shutting up shop. Despite the reluctance, the staff are making the best out of a bad situation. I interviewed one of the sales assistants, Craig Rewind, to see how they’re getting on with their jobs in very inadequate circumstances.

TDJJ: “Mr Rewind, you’ve been the most vocal on your company’s rules for working at home. How have you been finding it?”

CR: “Not as fucking terrible as I feared, to be honest. My phone’s not stopped ringing with orders. We’ve all been assigned certain pizzas, and the calls come through accordingly. Thing is, we’re still doing up to 15” pizzas, and I’ve only got a regular sized oven.”

TDJJ: “Haven’t you been given access to any of your work ovens to help?”

CR: “No. I was told it was it was for insurance purposes, they’d have to stay in the shop.”

TDJJ: “How are you getting around this?”

CR: “It’s been awkward and time consuming. Basically I have to cook things in instalments, lots of reheating in microwaves etc. There’s a real balancing act. But there’s loads of them to make!”

TDJJ: “And does everyone else have the same sort of workload?”

CR: “I think so, apart from Fez. He’s just got to cut cakes up from the desserts menu.”

TDJJ: “So let me get this right: you get a call from someone wanting one of the pizzas you make, but they also want a pizza that one of your other colleagues make. Would that mean the order will be coming from two different houses? How do you sort that out from a logistical standpoint?”

CR: “A lot phoning up and texting. It’s never worked though, for the reasons you’d imagine.”

TDJJ: “What’s been your biggest challenge doing this?”

CR: “I think we’d all agree that it’s having enough ingredients.”

TDJJ: “Aren’t you using the stock from your business?”

CR: “We were told we’re not allowed. I ran out of chicken and peppers pretty quickly, during making the first order. I had to improvise. Everyone else is in the same boat.”

TDJJ: “How can you ‘improvise’ chicken? If you’re cooking pizzas up to 15”, that’s a lot of chicken.”

CR: “Literally ended up just writing “chicken” on some paper and taping it to a pizza base or a slice of bread with a bit of ketchup on. Same goes for the other flavours.”

TDJJ: “Seriously? Has everyone else been doing this as well?”

CR: “Pretty much. It’s the only way we can keep up with demand. Except Fez. Not sure what he’s using for the chocolate cake, but he’s still able to churn that out.”

TDJJ: “Has no one complained?”

CR: “You’d think they would have, wouldn’t you? I think during these desperate times, people just want to eat food they can’t make themselves without the bother of washing up and that. Plus, our original ingredients were the lowest of the low. We weren’t allowed to ask about the origin of the meat we used. It came in big shopping bags, loose. I remember eating a finished pizza back in the shop. I went blue for a bit. So, in a way, I think we’ve actually upgraded by using paper.”

TDJJ: “What does your manager think about all this? I’m guessing he knows what you‘ve all been doing.”

CR: “Bittersweet. He’s over the moon with the sales and profits, but annoyed with himself knowing that he could’ve just skipped on the imitation meat stuff he was buying from people in long overcoats in alleyways. He could’ve saved so much money and family members.”

TDJJ: “And if anyone out there fancies one of your pizzas, how do they get in touch?”

CR: “We have a delivery range of five miles radius from my house in Garsington. You’d have to look at Google maps or something to see how far away you are. I don’t have a driving licence myself, so I’m not great on the roads. Factor that in as well. We’ve got a website. I don’t know the number, I never called it anyway.”

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