By Video Game Correspondent Balrog “Eight” Strongbow

Japanese video game developer Capcom have announced yet another version of their classic game Street Fighter II, in direct response to the scenes and comments witnessed around the world. Ever since the lock down in many countries due to the pandemic, pub regulars have become increasingly frustrated that their nights are no longer ending in uncoordinated brawls. The NHS in the UK, for example, are happy with the reduction of violent drunks ending up in hospitals up and down the land as a result, but the disappointment amongst drinkers have been felt around the world, and a senior designer at Capcom came up with an idea that could appease these drinkers. Renon Stimpazi, the designer, put forward his proposal for a new version of Street Fighter II for all current consoles, PC and mobile, but with a twist that will surely resonate with all alcohol-loving adults. I swam to Japan – as it’s currently prohibited to travel there by plane or boat – and spoke with Stimpazi san in his office, to get more information on the game being created.

TDJJ: “Stimpazi san, thanks for allowing me to interview you about your game. You won’t tell any government officials about my presence will you? It’s kind of a grey area, I don’t know if I qualify as part of the media.”

RS: “Ha, I won’t no problem. It’ll be good to talk about the game to someone outside Japan, to spread the word about Pub Fighter II.”

TDJJ: “Pub fighter II?”

RS: “Yes. My goal is to take one of our most beloved games and adapt it for those who are missing out on their nightly ritual due to the pubs closing. This is a global issue, and we at Capcom want to do our bit.”

TDJJ: “Is this new version going to have different characters, or the established ones from SFII?”

RS: “Okay, so when I came up with the initial idea, I knew one of the main reasons people love that game is the character roster, so I felt it’s be foolish to get rid of them. They’ve all had a complete redesign: they have less muscle definition and some have pot bellies, some get more red in the face when throwing punches etc, while others throw up if they try to pull off a combo or get hit to the ground. Dhalsim can’t even do anything apart from swinging wildly with his punches, forget about stretchy limbs and Yoga Flames!”

TDJJ: “So you’re aiming for people to play this game as a viable alternative, to appease their longing for fighting all pissed up? Sounds interesting. Given the character redesigns you mention, as well as the reduced move set, what gameplay tweaks, if any, have you implemented?”

RS: “The game will be designed with the system controllers accordingly, but what will be universal is there’s going to be a slight lag in the button responses, and also the directions will change randomly from time to time, so if you press right to go forward, you might jump or something. Some characters will be more prone to stopping to catch a breather and throwing up, but it’ll be balanced with a bigger health bar, as when you’re drunk, you don’t tend to feel pain as much. We’ve studied how alcohol affects different people, so you could imagine Zangief could put away more beers than, say, Cammy. So it’s all be relative. Zangief by the way is a happy drunk, while Guile can get a bit too rowdy. So many interesting match ups now.”

TDJJ: “Have you retained the graphical style of the original game?”

RS: “Yeah, pretty much. We understand fans love the classic look. All we’ve done is changed the backgrounds to replicate the insides of various pubs, bars and nightclubs. There’s even a couple of stages where you can throw someone out of a window and continue on the street. One of the things we’ve enhanced gameplay wise is that a girlfriend of one of the characters can fruitlessly get involved and shriek at the top of their voice depending on the context of the fight. You can knock her out for extra points, though I’m thinking we may have to amend it if we get criticism for including this mechanic. But it’s only a game.”

TDJJ: “And finally, when is this going to be released, and is it going to be a physical or digital release?”

RS: “Given the situation in so many countries, the uncertainty of the duration of the lock downs, we’ve decided to make it a digital download. We’re just securing some copyrights for advertising various lagers and spirits in the game, but we feel it could be ready in about two weeks. We haven’t ruled out DLC either, further down the line. We’ve got an idea for a scrolling beat ‘em up set during a pub crawl and various other drinking games. Something for all the family!”

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