By Resident TV Namesake Experts Truce Train and Mark Trent

Recent news of yet another TV show involving characters from the DC universe has recently been confirmed, and it’s quite an unexpected change of tone for the brand. A lot of the earlier films were seen as being dark and gloomy, though later ones had lightened up the tone a bit, with Shazam! being playful and daft for the most part. This new sitcom, however, takes things to a whole new level. It’s called Martha and Martha, and it revolves around the mothers of both Batman and Superman, and how they cope with the madcap shenanigans of the heroic duo. Internet forums for these kinds of things have gone into meltdown, hating the very thought of having these two iconic comic characters portrayed in such a bumbling way. DC bigwigs have also confirmed that canned laughter will be implemented, and they also hinted there’ll be a live band on set as well. Despite DC spokespeople using their website and social media to defend their ideas, it’s only intensified the fury amongst the fans. I interviewed high-powered DC crony Robin Laidegg in his posh office in the DC headquarters, in Burbank, California, to see whether the sheer amount of criticism they’ve received would affect any future creative decisions on the show.

TDJJ: “Thanks for taking the time to clarify things during this very busy period. I can see you’re very busy.”

RL: “Yeah, me and the team had an unspoken rule about responding to every email we get, to make sure we’re on track with everything. Unfortunately, several thousand people emailed us about this TV Show within minutes, and realised it wasn’t practical any more. So we quickly stopped bothering.”

TDJJ: “So, what was your inspiration for this show?”

RL: “I had a random thought while on the toilet a few weeks ago: what if there was another Batman and Superman who were oafish and laughable? It was my knowledge on sitcoms that ultimately led to the direction of this show. The ideas just snowballed from there, really.”

TDJJ: “Is there any word yet on casting?”

RL: “We’ve recently secured the talents of Kevin James who’s going to be Batman, and we’re still looking for some other actor as Superman. Someone like Rob Schneider or David Spade.”

TDJJ: “So with the recasting of these characters yet again, and the tone that you’re going for, the series won’t be seen as canon in the grand scheme of things?”

RL: “Actually, there’s a few nods to the older films, we’re trying to get George Clooney make a return as his Batman in one of the more bizarre episodes. We’re going one step further than the 60s Batman series by also having cartoon sound effects during the fights. And you can bet your ass that we’re showing Bruce’s parents getting shot to death. I’ve lost count how many ties this has been done. But we play it for laughs.”

TDJJ: “What’s the response from your department regarding the vitriol online, and your failed attempts of appeasing the fans of these characters?”

RL: “We do understand the concerns of the fans, a lot of them are thinking the portrayal of these characters would be at odds with how they are in other media. This show is stand alone, a bit like the Joker movie. You have Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto both as The Joker, playing him very differently, in different films. Same thing here. This means we can get creative without worrying how it’d all fit in. So, we can do an episode where Doomsday shows up as Superman’s lovelorn brother because he has a crush on Wonder Woman. With side-splitting results!”

TDJJ: “Regardless of your team’s confidence with this show, what would happen if it fails, both commercially and critically?”

RL: “We’re sure that we’d get a loyal following, even if the core fans continue with their death threats on message boards. There’s enough uninitiated sitcom fans out there, plus there’s loads of people out there who like hilarious things. We’ll be fine.”

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