By Resident Movie Reviewer Bambos Gascoignos

Spoiler alert!

The most recent film in the Terminator series, Dark Fate, ended up underperforming at the box office and was met with mixed reviews when it was released last year. There was a cautious optimism for the film, as James Cameron was involved again, and the fact that it was seen as a direct sequel to the first two films, ignoring all the others. But the perceived failure of Dark Fate has once again thrown doubt over the franchise, rumours spreading about the series being finished for good. But exactly like the T-800 said on more than one occasion, “We’ll be right back with another one”. I spoke to James Cameron outside his caravan while he was holidaying in Southport, to ask what he meant by his cryptic announcement.

TDJJ: “Mr. Cameron, what’s your take on Dark Fate’s performance, both critically and commercially? Do you think that there’s a bit of fatigue with the series?”

JC: “I felt it was the third best film in the series, but it’s obvious that this view didn’t chime with everyone. We made bold decisions, like having a completely different company from Skynet, a robot what can split into two, and killing off John Connor.”

TDJJ: “As you say, it didn’t chime with everyone. You recently made a statement about where the series could go, despite some out there saying there’s no more point.”

JC: “Yeah, we’re working on another third film in the series, this would be the fifth one. We’ve doubled the story writers to ten. I didn’t understand some of the criticism, but we’re gonna go with having two John Connors in the next one – one gets murdered and the other one doesn’t. Hey, fuck it, it’s timelines, everyone’s happy. Plus, another different company’s gonna be sending back a better robot. I’ve been thinking of one what can split into THREE. I’ll make him wear a shit jumper to make him look like a children’s TV presenter. No one will suspect him, as he’ll always be in an upbeat and excitable mood.”

TDJJ: “Wow, that’s a lot of information right there, a fair few spoilers if those ideas actually make it into the next one.”

JC: “I feel the fans are used to things getting spoilt for them, the trailers have done a good job of that for years. And I’ll be making sure that these ideas will be in the next one because I’ll be the director. The added confidence of having me back, not just as producer and writer, will restore faith in everyone. I can’t fail.”

TDJJ: “But how will you find time with all those Avatar films as well?”

JC: “That’s the beauty of it. Like the first Avatar, the new ones will each be at least an hour too long. On the days that I’ll be shooting the new Terminator film, I’ll just leave the camera running on the Avatar set, just tell the actors to do whatever they want, maybe dick around on blue dragons or something. We’re doing four of them, so fuck it.”

TDJJ: “You sound so confident with how things will take shape. So, you don’t feel that there is any audience fatigue with any of these franchises?”

JC: “Not at all, people just want to be entertained, to escape from everyday life when watching a great movie. Whether the people are blue, or robots, or normal, or a mix, or miscast, I can make sure that we continue to make these movies a reality. Sure, if the new third Terminator doesn’t do well again, I’ll just keep making another third one until it does. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got to get to the restaurant for tea, it closes in 20 minutes and I paid for full board.”

Terminator 3, 5 or 7: This Time We’re Serious, Honest will be out some time next year.

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